In October 2011 the charity gave funds to the Kamurasi School to build a water harvesting tank to hold approximately 15,000 litres of water.

James Mugema the ex Head teacher had stated at the time that this was a priority for the school for the following reasons:-

  • To provide the whole school community (730 children and staff ) with water for drinking, cooking and washing
  • To reduce the school's water bill as they would not need to rely on the tap in the compound for all of their water.
  • To increase the number of disabled children attending the school. This could be achieved by the school saving money by not paying the regular water bill and therefore they would be able to support more children in the boarding dormitory.

The water harvesting tank has been built near the boarding facilities and was ready for use in May 2012. It will be used by all the children and staff on a daily basis.