During the past few years we have successfully established vocational training for the disabled children at the Kamurasi Primary School in Masinidi.  This training is also offered to children who have been identified as benefiting from this type of training. The first project we funded was Weaving. We paid for looms and purchased wool. The children have now learnt how to make furniture covers and bags. They have also learnt how to make baskets out of banana reeds. Some of these items are sold in the local craft shop in Masindi. 

Tailoring was our next project. We purchased 3 Singer sewing machines and paid the wages of a Tailor to come and work with the children twice a week. We bought material for the children to learn how to make school dresses. Now the children are making school shirts and shorts as well. The uniforms are sold to parents at the school which then pays for more material.


Knitting - Due to the success of the Tailoring project the Headteacher requested that we purchased some knitting machines especially for the blind children to use. We paid for 3 machines and the school funded for a blind instructor to work with the children. The children are now knitting school jumpers. These again are sold to the parents.  

The children have also learnt how to make door mats out of sisal and they have also been instructed in bead work.  

Our aim in 2016 is to set up a vocational training programme in Bicycle Maintenance.