Our visit to the Kamurasi School in 2016 was accompanied by Mr Andy Wotton* an architect and his wife Jan. During this visit Andy surveyed the school buildings. He gave suggestions and simple cost effective solutions to the Headteacher for the many infrastructure issues. He provided a plan for the coming years with the priority of safety being the main focus.  

During this same visit in June, Jan and Andy made a very generous donation and offered to fund the outside painting of the old block of 10 classrooms. For this to be done properly a lot of preparation was required by re-pointing, rendering and making good many parts of the existing walls before the painting could take place. 

Andy dealt with a local builders merchants in Masindi and recruited a local builder. Work began before our return and was completed in less than 2 weeks. The transformation to the school is amazing. The Headteacher commented after the work was finished

 "It is so nice all the staff, pupils and parents are saying the Kamurasi School is shining. This has taken more than 50 years. Thank you, thank you for being our friends". 

All the Trustees of the Children of Masindi would also like to thank Jan and Andy for all their incredible support and generous donation. 

* Andy's company is based in Bristol Wotton Donoghue Architects    www.wdarchitects.co.uk