Children of Masindi is a small Bristol based registered charity that was established in 2008.  We support children and young people; focusing on those with disabilities and special educational needs. We are non-religious and non-political.



What do we do?

We work independently as well as with other charities and organisations, to improve the education, health and well being of children and young people in the Masindi District with a particular focus on the Kamurasi Demonstration School. This is an inclusive school of approx. 700 children. Currently have 45 children have severe disabilities and these children board at the school. 150 additional children have some form of impairment or physical disability. 

Through our involvement and by providing funds for one or two projects each year we have been able to see first hand the major differences made. Annual vistis to Masindi by trustees ensure that projects and accounts are maintained and managed. Issues are discussed with the local people/staff to ensure that projects are completed and funds are prioritised. 


Uganda, sometimes referred to as the "Pearl of Africa", is a landlocked country in East Africa and is bordered by Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Masindi is a town (population estimate 15,000) in North West Uganda. It is 4 hours drive from the capital, Kampala.


Proud to Inform

Our accounts are audited by the Charity Commission and typically our accounts have shown that over 95% of all our income is used to benefit the children who live in Masindi. 

As we are a small charity with no overheads or administration costs we use the money we raise on our projects. We have no paid officials/staff within the organisation. All the Trustees work voluntarily.  



Making a difference to children and young people's lives in Uganda.


Karen Edwards

Ronald Bevan

Eleanor Wright