In 2009 funds were used to start the relocation process for the 25 disabled children, who, at this time were living in very poor conditions. Money was used to make improvements to the purpose built but empty dormitory, which now provides a bigger, cleaner, safer and more comfortable living area. This provides the young people and staff with much better facilities including new beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets and cupboards. 

Due to our involvement in relocating the disabled children the local department for education built new pit latrines for the children close to the dormitory block. 


In 2010 funds were used to buy a solar panel which has been installed onto the dormitory roof. Now the children and staff have electric light in the evenings. This means that children can continue with their learning and relaxation after dark. 

Due to the location of the dormitory the charity, at the Head teacher’s request, agreed to employ and pay the wages of the matron. The matron sleeps in the dormitory. Her duties include aiding the children over the road, cooking and cleaning. She also washes clothes and bed linen and provides care for children when they are sick. She remains at the school throughout the term. At the end of term she and the children return home to their families. The charity also pays the wages of three special needs support staff who work with the disabled children. These members of staff can sign and read and write Braille.